Is sitting really a silent killer?

Put simply, yes. This is not pseudo-science BS that I’m just preaching to scare you all. I will explore the scientific evidence that widely supports that sitting for long periods of time does much more harm than good.

But why is sitting the silent killer?

Standard night of studying for hours and slowly hunching over, till you eventually crawl into bed to ‘study’.

Sitting down commits a flawless, quiet killing because the victim is unaware of it potential harm that extends beyond poor posture and a numb butt.

The effects of sitting are easy to dismiss because it is almost a necessary part of life. Since many of us work from our laptop or computer, the immediate thought would to be sit down at our desks to do so, or lie in bed. Even in primary school, any kid who dare stood up was immediately told to sit back down. Like many other necessary behaviours for a healthy life, like eating enough fruits and vegetables, having less sugar, exercising, drinking water or sleeping enough (the list is endless), the long-term effects don’t hit us till later so why should we care now?

A lengthy list of effects from sitting down too much


Remember, standing and sitting properly is not just pulling your shoulders back! It’s being STRAIGHT, so your ears, shoulders and hips are in line with each other, with your body weight distributed evenly at your feet. For more information about the effects of sitting on posture, tune in during the week on our spotlight post on POSTURE! If you want to know how you can combat poor posture, visit Posture Perfect for some helpful tips.


7 thoughts on “Is sitting really a silent killer?

  1. This is incredibly useful information. I would never think to research on the detrimental effects of sitting but this was definitely eye-opening. Thanks for making it an intriguing and easy read.

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  2. definitely something revelationary here about sitting. Didn’t realise how much sitting is hurting my soul and so other parts of my body. No wonder I just fall asleep like a lot when I just doing work ‘cos I sitting at like a 90 degree angle and not get anything done. Thank you for the informative post!

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